We hear you,
Medical Affairs

Developing content is a hot mess

We asked. You answered.

You don’t just want better writing and content tools. You need something different.

We’re on it. But we’d still value your guidance.

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Writing content doesn't have to be this hard

Here’s what others have shared with us.


Medical Affairs is our therapeutic area

We know your symptoms: overwhelming workload, frustrating tools, and an infuriating workflow. Yet you still strive to do a damned good job for your stakeholders, because anything less just isn’t good enough.

We’re working on the cure. Here are a few ideas.

Component propagation
and provenance

Propagate components when appropriate, track where you’ve done so, and know how your content was crafted

Granular editorial

Know exactly who wrote what, who approved it, and when all of this happened

An editor that accommodates your increasingly visual content

Audiences expect less text and more graphics, so we make it easy to incorporate them

Medical Affairs deserves better

Highly-educated professionals deserve a tool that can keep up with their thinking.

We’re building it, but we need your help.

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We never share your email address. Ever.

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