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"I love your tool! It has helped me overcome instantly my writer's block. I love it. 🙂 I currently use it to organize my Linkedin posts. No more distraction just pure productivity. Slice doesn't distract from the productivity as Google Docs would. I'm already thinking about all the projects I can finally get done now. 🙂"
Michael S.
Software entrepreneur
I like to write in snippets and sections instead of one long document. One long word doc makes me feel like I have to write the piece from start to end, and it's super intimidating. I like Slice because as a newbie, I don't want to deal with the learning curve of a massive software tool. I just need something that makes writing longer pieces easier.
Annie O.
Freelance copywriter
"Slice is clearly the more practical tool for writing. It saves me from feeling frustrated and increases my writing productivity tenfold."
Emma M.
"Slice has some pretty useful features! It helps you break down long projects into manageable chunks and simplifies the workflow of writing, project management, and research all in one place. The software is collaborative and streamlined."
Jane S.
Content strategist
"What I save with easy, sensible access to files is that I don’t lose my train of thought."
Willie W.
Freelance copywriter, blogger
"We’ve found it great for research and brainstorming collectively. It works better than Google docs by far."
Josh F.
Software entrepreneur
"I’ve worked with editors in content agencies for years, and I’m interested in any productivity tools that improve the writing experience. I love Slice’s simplicity and how practically useful it is. Slice reduces the number of software packages that we need, and it also makes employee onboarding easier. It’s what I call a “uniter.”"
Kelly G.
Agency content creator
"When I need to split wood, I use an axe. When I need to write, I use Slice. It’s the right tool for the job. On my first use I was up and running in minutes, compared to my trial with Notion which required a full day of setup and weeks to dial in a process that worked for me."
Andrew F.
Growth marketing advisor
"Slice transforms the way I think about my work. The ability to pull resources together into one project allows me to streamline my process and find my flow more easily--I’m actually excited to get writing! And with Slice’s collaboration features, I always understand how my work fits in with the rest of my team’s."
Sahej C.
Stanford University junior
"It reminds me of a combination of a mind mapping tool and text editor--allowing me to restructure my concepts and text at any point in the document creation process, providing me with all-in-one writing tools that increase my productivity and efficiency."
Pam O.
Fortune 500 marketing consultant

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