Meet Slice’s First Corporate Account

FORT WAYNE, IN—Slice Content Technologies, Inc. is thrilled to announce its first corporate account, Metonymy Media.

“Slice is a platform for small teams whose research and writing drives dollars. As a content creation agency committed to writing and distributing content, Metonymy Media and its employees are exactly the types of users we created Slice to support,” shared Slice Founder and CEO Joe Bellavance. “Each writer on their team approaches the creative process differently, yet Slice helps all of them focus and stay organized while creating various types of content.”

Founded in 2011, Metonymy Media is a content writing agency that serves clients of all business types across diverse industries. From social media copy to long-form content like eBooks, company founder and CEO Ryan Brock explains that no two projects are alike for his team.

“One thing I’ve learned from managing teams of writers is that every single one has a process that makes perfect sense to them. Too often, the tech we use can get in the way,” Brock described. “Slice is giving my team the freedom to organize their thoughts and workflows however it makes sense to them within the context of a given project, and I know I’m not the only agency owner who will see the value in that.”

Bellavance is happy to not only be supporting the Metonymy Media team in achieving its goals for clients, but also gathering feedback from the writers on its team to improve Slice even further.

“As a team that truly understands the value of good writing, and the difficulty in creating it, Metonymy Media’s team is uniquely positioned to both appreciate and improve the value that Slice adds to the creative process,” Bellavance said. “Slice is a product by writers, for writers, and I could not be more excited to have this talented team using our platform.”

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