Is UX Writing the Same as Copywriting?

No, UX writing is not quite the same thing as copywriting. However, in the world of B2B copywriting tools and skills, it’s possible for an experienced copywriter to make a great UX writer. We’re taking a deeper look at  UX writing vs copywriting to understand why these skills are different, yet related. Let’s dive in!  […]

What Is UX Copywriting?

User experience (UX) copywriting involves writing copy with the purpose of guiding users through the steps needed to accomplish a goal. It’s one of the more valuable B2B copywriting tools, as technical writers with these skills are in demand. Some even call it a “unicorn skill” in the design world, as skilled coders are not […]

UX Writing vs Copywriting

Copywriting is a fundamental element of marketing and advertising efforts for any business. It can be helpful to think of copywriting as a large-scale call to action.

How to Use Software to Structure My Research

Depending on the scope of your work, you can easily end up with numerous sources and notes scattered across web browsers, emails, Word docs, databases, post-its, notebooks—you get the idea. This problem exists for writers and researchers everywhere, from the professional business setting to the world of academia.

How Can Digital Tools Benefit My Research?

Compared to the research resources available in the decades before the advent of the internet, the difference is night and day. Rather than having to search through physical books or hunt down an expert to interview, researchers can now find many of their primary and secondary resources on the internet, often for free.

Digital Tools for Researchers

In this blog, we’re going to discuss the best research tools and top research software available for you to write the most engaging content for your business.

What’s Important to Include in Your Research Notes?

By jumping straight to researching, without a plan or system for keeping your research sources together, organized, and accessible, you’ve inadvertently traded one problem—not knowing where to start—with another. Now, you may find yourself faced with having too much information and not enough direction. In this blog, we’re going to explore the process of keeping your research organized.

How Should You Organize Your Research Notes?

If you haven’t audited your research organization process in a while, it’s probably time to explore some new options. Because efficiency matters when you’re a writer, streamlining your research process can spare you from unnecessary headaches. 

Why Is Organization Important in Research?

Most of us would agree that at least some degree of organization in the workplace is mission critical. Without it, we’d misplace important pieces of information, miss deadlines, fail to connect with customers, and likely lose out on profits. But is it just as essential to organize your research notes? Absolutely! Here are 5 benefits of being organized during the research process.