Slice guards your focus so you can hit print on your best work

The app for writers that simplifies how you create, organize, and share projects.

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Those unfinished
writing projects? They’re not
your fault

That’s because you’re up against a silent productivity blocker.

It’s called context switching.

Writers burn valuable energy hunting for files, scrolling endlessly, or searching for a browser tab they need.

Switching your brain on and off between writing and searching burns precious mental calories that should be used for your writing. Your audience deserves your best work. And you deserve the best chance to deliver it.

Slice creates that chance by focusing on one thing—writing workflow.

Slice works for you—the thinkers, the writers, the doers.

Those extra features don’t help

You know the feeling. You’ve just invested in brand new software thinking this time, it will actually help me.

But then you see all the things it can do and have no idea where to start. It has tools you didn’t even know you needed. Other people are using it, so something must be wrong with you. Maybe you watch a few demo videos and spend an hour or two typing out a few hundred words. But that distracting feature panel gives you major FOMO. Eventually, you’re back to where you startedwith a blinking cursor on a blank page.

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A natural writing environment for all types of writing projects


Novels &
Short Stories




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Slice helps you get your words down on the page

You’re searching for another solution because writing feels tougher than it should. You’re not alone. The way you’re forced to write using multiple applications makes it much harder to create and focus.

Slice gives focus and creativity back to writers who want a writing app they can open, use, and thrive in without an intimidating learning curve.

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