About Us

Our mission is to empower users to write the way they think.

We understand the mental gymnastics required to write well. That’s why we created a tool that gets out of your way so you can think, research, and write.

What learning curve? We keep it simple so you can stick the landing.

Our motivation

We advocate fiercely for those whose words make the world a better place.

We believe in the power of language to change the world.

We know that content writers work awfully hard to articulate ideas, describe principles, promote products, and sell services that make a difference.

And we understand that the software industry has taken you–taken us, because Slice’s founder is a writer–for granted for decades.

We don’t. We love and respect and admire what you do, because your words make the world go ’round. They move hearts, minds, and money. That’s some heavy lifting!

We’re creating the software studio that content writers and teams deserve, the tool that reveals your superpowers by getting out of your way.

Why? Because you rock, and we want more of your spirit and talent in the world.

Slice is built with love in the USA and Serbia.

Thanks to the support, engagement, and passion of our early adopters, we continue to grow our product and fulfill our mission of supporting those to whom words and ideas matter.

Write on!

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