What Software Is Used for Copywriting?

In this blog we’re going to go over the main software types that help copywriters do their jobs better, along with a list of the best copywriting tools & resources we’ve found for each type!

Writing compelling copy for promoting a business is tough work, but it’s been shown time and time again to be well worth the effort. The good news is, there are now many B2B copywriting tools that make the job easier for all the content writers out there. In this blog we’re going to go over the main software types that help copywriters do their jobs better, along with a list of the best copywriting tools & resources we’ve found for each type!

What Tools Do Copywriters Use the Most?

How about we just jump into a bulleted list of main types now?

  • Word Processing Software – the place you actually type the words, and arguably the most important
  • SEO Research Software – to find out what your customers are searching for most, so you know what you should write about
  • Research Resources – search engines, article databases, etc
  • Copy Polishing Software – to check grammar, readability, plagiarism, make graphics
  • Content Publishing Software – to get copywriting out into the world
  • Work Planning and Feedback Software – to keep track of projects, deadlines, and client feedback

What Writing Software Do Copywriters Use?

The software copywriters use to actually type the words as they write depends on the preference of the specific copywriter, but in general they all have certain features that make them especially well-suited for use in copywriting. These can include:

  • Basic, built-in writing tools, like spelling and grammar checks, and word count tools 
  • Ease of inserting links and images 
  • Ability for collaborative editing between multiple writers or writer and client
  • Compatibility with other tools that are frequently used
  • Accessible by everyone who needs access to the writing

Some of the most commonly used, or best options for this writing software include Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Slice. Slice is a tool that helps you write long-form content better, because it promotes focus and flow. Customers report a 10X productivity gain!

Which App is Best for Copywriting Keyword Research?

Before you start the actual typing of business copywriting, it’s important to know what topics and keywords are most relevant to the business you are writing for. Doing keyword research to discover which search terms potential clients are using helps ensure that your writing will be easily found by customers and achieve the desired business goals.

There are a variety of sales copywriting software designed to do this search volume and keyword research, including DemandJump, Semrush, and KWFinder. Slice’s interface contains multiple on-screen panes, so you can keep your list of keywords handy while you write, without needing to cycle through web tabs or application windows. 

Which Software Is Best for Copywriting Topic Research?

Writing accurate and compelling B2B content means performing content-specific research. Providing compelling statistics, referencing studies, and providing links to official sources and documents are all great ways to add value to readers and establish your brand as a subject authority. 

General search engines like Google and Ecosia can be a good place to start this type of research for a copywriter, but oftentimes more specialized tools are needed. Google Scholar, Cornell University’s arXiv.org, and The Directory of Open Access Journals are all good research tool options for high quality research papers on virtually any topic. 

Although doing this type of research is needed for writing high quality content, having to constantly switch between screens to find and reference materials can seriously disrupt a writer’s flow and ability to concentrate. That’s where Slice can provide real value, putting all of your resources at your fingertips and eliminating the need to interrupt your work to find a source that’s already been discovered.

Once you have compiled all your facts and statistics, along with all your citations, Slice’s side-by-side panes make harvesting your research easy.

What Softwares Do Copywriters Use to Refine Their Writing? 

Once you have written the rough draft of a piece, several software packages can help you refine and polish it. These softwares fall into two categories:

  • Spelling, Grammar, and Readability Checkers
    • Hemingway App
    • Grammarly
  • Plagiarism or Repetitive Content Checkers
    • TurnItIn
    • Duplicheck

What Are Examples of Copywriting Publishing Software?

Once great content has been written, it needs to be published to achieve its aims. There are a variety of platforms and tools that can be used to publish content. Here are some examples and categories to get you started:

  • Website building platforms with integrated publishing tools, like:
    • WordPress
    • Weebly
    • SquareSpace
  • External publishing tools that publish straight from documents to blogs, like:
    • Wordable
    • Blogger

Can Software Be a Copywriting Project Manager?

Yes, there are many good software options for managing copywriting assignments, deadlines, and client feedback. Keeping everything organized, making sure work is done on time, and keeping clients happy is a major part of successful copywriting for businesses. Using these tools effectively can be as important as any of the other, more writing-specific copywriting tools we’ve already talked about. 

  • Monday
  • nTask

Slice: Write the Way You Think

Obviously, copywriting requires a lot of tools, knowledge, and expertise. But it doesn’t have to require so many separate programs that you have to switch between while doing your copywriting. With Slice, we put everything you need during your focused writing time in one place for you, creating the first writer-focused writing app. When it’s all right at your fingertips, it’s easy to slice away the distractions and the noise and get to the serious business of writing. Contact us for more information or get started today.

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