How to Structure B2B Copywriting

Inside this blog, we will dive into several effective B2B copywriting examples to explore how you can create the most impactful copy for your work. 

As a writer, you toil away crafting the perfect concoction of words for every piece of content you write. Whether you are writing long-form copy like a whitepaper, or short-form for a social media post, copywriting is a nuanced skill that requires a mastery of both storytelling and technical grammar expertise. 

B2B copywriting tools like Slice can help any writer communicate a message as succinctly as possible. Inside this blog, we will dive into several effective B2B copywriting examples to explore how you can create the most impactful and effective B2B copywriting content. 

What is B2B Copywriting?

Quite similar to general copy, B2B copywriting is about creating written content that works to inform people in your industry  of  a specific product or service that your company has. B2B copywriting can feature some of the charisma or snappiness of B2C copy, but in general, it should be straightforward. Businesses are looking for something that meets their professional needs, and they want to know as quickly as possible if what you offer will solve their pain points. 

How Do You Structure as a Copywriter?

Though some copy can seem short and simple, there is a purpose behind every word. Copywriting is all about structure, so it may help to think of it as a formula. With that in mind, let’s dive into some copywriting formulas with examples.

  • PAS Formula: This tried and true method has been around for a while–for good reason. You break down the message of the copy into three parts: the problem, the agitation, and the solution. Ideally, you will plainly and simply lay out the reader’s problem. Then you will throw “salt in the wound” on the pain point to drive it home. Finally, you get to relieve the pressure by offering the perfect solution. Here is an example of how this formula could work for an Information Technology (IT) or software development company. 
    • Problem: Performance tests for your new software have been hitting roadblocks at every stage.
    • Agitation: Performance testing can be slowed down or ruined by a small coding error. This eats away at your time and resources, drastically impacting your bottom line. 
    • Solution: By utilizing our robotic process automation software, monotonous tasks that lead to human error and slow down process efficiency can be a thing of the past. 
  • BAB Formula: The BAB formula is excellent for writing email copy or newsletters when you are trying to nurture your relationship with a current or potential business partner. BAB stands for before-after-bridge. 
    • Before: Here you need to reiterate the situation that the reading is currently in. 
  • After: Then you show them what it could be like after your solution. 
  • Bridge: Finally, you bridge the two worlds together with your solution.

This formula is often used when contacting a potential customer through an avenue like email, a newsletter, or a LinkedIn message. 

For example: “Hi there (potential customer), I noticed that your organization does not have a strong marketing presence, and I believe that is costing you tens of thousands of dollars. What if there was a sure-fire method to take care of all your marketing needs without requiring you to spend hundreds of hours each month creating material from scratch? Our product, (product name) can easily (benefit 1), (benefit 2), (benefit 3).”

Other B2B Copywriting Examples

Here are some other examples of B2B copywriting formats.

  • Whitepapers: Whitepapers are informational documents that highlight the many features of a service, product, or solution that is currently being offered or will be offered in the future. For B2B organizations, a whitepaper can be used to generate interest in what the organization has been or will be working on in the future. You can think of them as press releases for big ideas. 
  • eBooks: A B2B use for an eBook could be one based on research or a poll around a topic that would have larger implications within an industry. For example, the eBook could discuss a recruiting company talking about common complaints from candidates in their industry.
  • Webinar scripts: Scripts for virtual events on current insights or topics within an industry are a good example of B2B copywriting. Webinars are perfect for the B2B world as they encourage other industry professionals to come to you. Writing a script for a webinar must be engaging as you only have an allotted amount of time to get your message across to the audience. 

Slice: Professional Writing Made Easy

No matter the kind of copywriting you are engaging in, you will need a distraction-free place that has all the tools a writer needs. Slice was created to make space for writers to write the way they want and manage all of their projects in one place. 

And as a professional B2B copywriter, you understand how quickly projects can add up, where you need to bounce between different styles and tones to match the end goal. You also understand the need to be able to blend engaging storytelling with insightful information. We created Slice to cut out all of the clutter in your professional life and leave you with a space that is tailor-made for writing without distractions. Manage, write, research, and produce your best work in a natural writing environment. 

Contact us today to get started.

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