How Do Beginners Learn Copywriting?

What’s exciting is you can learn business-to-business (B2B) copywriting and take your business’s marketing to the next level. Copywriting for beginners is easy with Slice, a new take on the outdated word processor with features that help you focus on writing.

Think about all of the company blogs and social media posts that you read, whether it’s through advertisements or organically in Google search results. Which content keeps you interested? If it is well-written and answers your questions, why does it catch your eye? Or maybe a social media site is showing you ads for a product that grabs your attention–and the writing makes you excited to try a product. Are you hoping to do this for your business?

What’s exciting is you can learn business-to-business (B2B) copywriting and take your business’s marketing to the next level. Copywriting for beginners is easy with Slice, a new take on the outdated word processor with features that help you focus on writing. Let’s talk about B2B copywriting tools and how you can learn copywriting skills.

What Is Copywriting?

Copywriting is writing content (or copy) for advertising or marketing material intended to drive customers to a website. The main goal is lead conversion, typically through a call to action like a contact page or download. Professional B2B copywriters want customers to discover more about the brand via what they write. 

But the copywriting industry is more than blogs and social media posts. It can also contain copy for:

  • Product descriptions
  • Video scripts
  • Webpages
  • Email marketing
  • Newsletters
  • Internal communications
  • Advertisements

B2B copywriting, as an industry, ensures businesses reach their target audience and ultimately increases conversion. It takes skill and know-how to write effective, attractive, and SEO-friendly copy. But what are some of the basics when it comes to writing B2B copy?

What Are the Basics of Copywriting?

There are several pillars of B2B copywriting that help a writer connect with their audience. You want to make sure your copy benefits your business and gives other companies the opportunity to see your product or service as an investment they want to make. Here are six things you should focus on as a new copywriter.

  • Know your audience to adapt your approach to certain topics appropriately while promoting your product or service directly to target businesses.
  • Research thoroughly so you can give the most up-to-date and accurate information to make yourself an authority on any given topic for your audience. Good content aims to inform and educate readers.
  • Write strong headlines to grab the attention of your target businesses to increase organic traffic.
  • Hook the reader with a compelling introductory paragraph that draws your audience to read more of the copy.
  • Promote your product, without being overbearing, by writing about the benefits and how it can meet the needs of your target customers.
  • End with a call to action to drive conversion by asking (or suggesting) the reader take an action, such as visiting your website or starting a free trial.

By following these basic steps, you’ll be able to increase traffic to your company’s website while providing the best, most interesting information for your target audience. If you’re still looking for a little extra help, you can also use certain tools and platforms that make these tasks a little easier. 

For example, Slice helps you compile your research in one place, so you don’t have to worry about moving between browser tabs and separate documents. That way you can focus on what matters: writing for your audience. 

So we’ve talked about the basics, but how do you start learning copywriting and creating awesome content?

How Do I Start Learning Copywriting?

Strong B2B copywriting begins with distinct writing skills that drive potential business customers to answer your call to action. But it might not be easy to start copywriting without experience unless you know how to take the first steps.  


As simple as it sounds, reading copy from various sources will help you find patterns and structures that many copywriters use. Taking notes will allow you to reference different techniques used across the industry to apply to your own writing. A few questions you should consider while reading:

  • How did they hook the reader?
  • What questions did they answer?
  • Where did they promote their product or service?
  • Which writing techniques did they use?


You might be wondering, “how can I practice my copywriting?” when you don’t have any products or services to write for. Initially, you can use your writing skills to write about things that interest you to better understand the structure and processes of copywriting. Don’t strive for perfection, but always strive for improvement. Make a checklist to ensure your writing meets all of the basics:

  • Is clear, concise, and correct
  • Avoids clichés and overused terminology
  • Is interesting and engaging
  • Effectively calls to action

Find Resources

There are several online resources where you can learn how to copywrite. Paid services like SkillShare or Udemy offer numerous courses on copywriting specifically tailored to beginners. You can also find several free online websites, videos, and courses that can give you a jumpstart on writing copy.  

Use Writing Tools

You can find several invaluable writing tools online that will help you hone your writing skills and give you a platform to write distraction-free. Programs like Hemingway App or Grammarly give you the tools to adjust grammar and sentence structure. Software like Slice provides the best writing environment, one that allows you to write, research, and manage your projects in one place. The panes in its main workspace allow you to write and research side-by-side, and its integrated web clipper helps you organize research quickly.

Taking these steps will help you start your B2B copywriting career by giving you the experience and know-how to write content that increases conversion and boosts content for businesses.

Slice: The Best B2B Writing Solution

If you’re ready to take your copywriting to the next level, Slice gives you the tools you need to write effective B2B copy. By breaking your writing into manageable sections while having dedicated space for your research and collaboration all in one program, you’re able to write more efficiently and provide businesses with strong marketing copy. Visit our website today to learn more about copywriting with Slice!

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