What Are the 5 Features of Effective Writing?

What Are the 5 Features of Effective Writing? Writing is about more than putting words on a piece of paper or on a screen and leaving them there merely to exist. As a business writer, you strive to write with a purpose and to share your business’s message with your audience. Distraction free writing helps […]

Writing Techniques

For some people, writing can seem as simple as finding a nice nook in your favorite coffee shop and starting to type. Professional writers understand that a ton of work is necessary before the first keystroke, though. Even when you start to write, it can be incredibly difficult to write well consistently. The first major […]

What is Distraction Free Writing?

If you’ve done any amount of writing, you know how much better it can be if it’s distraction free writing. If you’re anything like us, you’ve been unable to focus when writing at some point. Sometimes, physical things draw attention away, like a loud coworker or a cold office. At other times, mental interruptions, like […]

Why Can’t I Concentrate on Writing?

You’ve moved past the dreaded empty page with a blinking cursor in your word processor and begun writing, so why can’t you concentrate? Technology has made it easy to write from anywhere, but there are so many distractions! You might be unable to concentrate or focus at work because you’re distracted by coworkers or multitasking. […]

Unable to Focus When Writing

Getting in the zone and staying there is often difficult, especially when writing. Trying to complete assignments can be daunting, particularly if you have a massive content calendar to fill, you need to hit a high word count, or you have to produce several pieces of content in a short timeframe. You may find your […]