How Do Writers Focus?

It can take up to 30 minutes to get your focus back after a distraction. In the world of business writing, distractions can add up to more hours spent working, lower-quality results, and poor performance reviews. For writers—especially those doing it for a living— distraction free writing is the holy grail. But with so many […]

How Do You Write to a Focused Reader?

As a writer, the dream is to have your work being read by a reader who stays focused and really engages with your work. But unfortunately, you don’t get to choose the mindset of your reader as they sit down to read. The best way to make sure your writing will be read by a […]

What Does Focused Writing Mean?

Constant distractions from the outside world, like social media and texts, make it hard to focus when you’re writing. Distraction free writing entails more than just turning off notifications. It is taking control of your writing process and using the tools available to you to minimize distractions while optimizing your writing process. Reader focused and […]

What Is Reader Focused Writing?

We’ve all read content that makes our eyes glaze over. Our lack of interest drives us to boredom until we can’t comprehend what we read. As a business writer, you are usually expected to write reader-focused writing. After all, the whole premise of your job is to convey your business’s message to the business’s customers. […]

Writer-Focused Writing

As you go about your workday writing marketing materials, reports, emails, guidelines, web copy, and more, all the work is being done in the service of business goals and company mission. But does that mean your goals and mission as a writer should be the main topic of the conversation? Sometimes, you do need to […]

How Do You Not Lose Focus When Writing?

Whether you’re writing from home, in a co-working space, or in an office, distractions abound. There are pets, family members, well-intentioned co-workers, car horns, our own internal thoughts—the list of distractions that most of us deal with on a daily basis could fill an entire blank page.  Unfortunately, studies show that even the smallest distraction […]

How to Write Distraction Free?

Those who write consistently understand that, more often than not, the most challenging parts of writing are getting started and keeping that momentum going. With more distractions vying for your attention every day, it can feel like the world is telling you not to write. But for business writers, that’s not an option—your job depends […]

What Is Effective Writing?

Ask any writer what constitutes effective writing, and you’re likely to get responses about how the writing should be clear, engaging, accurate, concise, and error-free. It should tell a story, drive a purpose, and connect with the audience. Some writers might even share that distraction free writing is essential to producing an effective piece of […]

How Do You Identify Writing Techniques?

“You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your brains won’t get you anywhere.” Lee Iacocca, the famous president and chairman of the Chrysler Corporation, wrote these words in his bestselling 1984 autobiography.  We have all felt this pain of struggling to properly convey our views and opinions. Getting your thoughts […]

What Are Some Examples of Writing Techniques?

Writing content can be tricky, especially if you don’t have a background in generating blog posts or studying English. What are the writing techniques and strategies you can use to create compelling content? In this short guide, we’re exploring different writing techniques you can try out for your business writing with examples of each (bonus: […]