We just launched. Why?

I just turned my house into software.

As much as I wish I had done that with something from Ollivanders, it did it the Muggle way – by selling one and using the cash to develop the other.

We launched Slice recently, and I financed a lot of it with four bedrooms on a cul-de-sac.

Crazy? Probably! It will likely turn out to be one of the best or worst decisions of my life.

Why have we committed so much time, energy, and former real estate to Slice?

Because we love the problem, that’s why.

Do you write? Most people don’t consider themselves “writers,” but many of us create content – reports, proposals, essays, policies, social media posts, etc. Are you one of them? If so, you’re a writer – you tell a story, and you hope that your ideas resonate with your readers. That’s what writers do.

Now think about your writing process. Have your tools evolved as rapidly as other software you use? How many tools do you use? Is production streamlined? If you collaborate, how do others feel about the process? Where are your bottlenecks? Why haven’t you resolved them?

If you’re like most people we’ve interviewed, you get by, but you also know that things could be better. And why shouldn’t they be? When a graphic artist sits down to work at her computer, she sees a canvas surrounded by helpful tools. What does a writer see? A blank page. That’s not helpful.

Words matter, and writers deserve to be supported just as richly as other professionals. We created Slice because writers deserve better.

Whether you write grant applications or short stories or lab reports, writing is, fundamentally, a craft. Craft requires knowledge and wisdom and tools and materials.

We can’t help much with the first two. But with Slice, we strive to deliver the tools and surface the materials that you need. Why? Because language makes the world go ’round! Because your words matter!

We want to help you express them effectively and efficiently. When you sit down to write with Slice, we want you to feel like you have everything you need right in front of you. We want you to feel unencumbered by technology and free to focus on your story. We want to streamline your production.

We love the problem we’re addressing, and it drives everything we do.

#lovetheproblem (h/t @ashmaurya) #launch #writersmatter

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